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The 5 Myths About Nutritional Supplements / Vitamins

I can get everything I need from my food.

You’re right! You can get everything you need from your food as long as you’re willing to eat 33 lbs of spinach, 1 bottle of sunflower oil or 3 lbs of almonds EVERY SINGLE DAY to get optimal amounts of Vitamin E.

One pill a day is all I really need.

You can’t eat all the food you need for a day in one sitting. What makes you think you can get all the nutrients you need for a day in one pill?

It seems like I pee out all of my vitamins anyway, so why should I bother taking them?

Our bodies are remarkable. Think about water. No matter how much you drink, your body can only hold so much at a time. So your body absorbs what it needs and pees out the rest.

All vitamins are the same, so I’l just get the cheapest bottle.

Sadly all vitamins are NOT created equal. There are some NOT- SO -GOOD manufacturers out there. They like to cut corners and this leads to two main problems: False Labeling and Contamination.

I don’t need to take more than the Recommended Daily Allowance.

During WWII, the FDA created the RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance – to address nutrient deficiency disorders in soldiers. And while the FDA has noted its intention to update the DVs, it has not done so since 1968.

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